ITC Server Access Test

This page is provided by the ITC for testing network connectivity to the ITC Secure FTP (SFTP) server. Display of this page in a web browser indicates that there is connectivity from your computer to the ITC SFTP server (using TCP port 80).

If you are experiencing problems in connecting to the ITC SFTP server...

  1. Check your SFTP username and password (contact the ITC if you are unsure).

  2. Make sure your SFTP client program (WS FTP, FileZilla, WinSCP, gftp, sftp, etc.) is correctly configured. See Instructions for configuring SFTP clients for details.

  3. Try connecting to this page from the same computer used for SFTP transfers.   If you can access this page with a web browser, but cannot connect to the server using an SFTP client, it is quite likely that your institution's firewall or proxy configuration is preventing an outgoing connection to TCP port 22 (SSH/SFTP) on the ITC server.   In this case, please contact your local IT/network administrator with this information for assistance.
General instructions for using the ITC SFTP server can be found at Uploading Digital Data to ITC.